CEC recommended maintenance for your Solar system

The Clean Energy Council of Australia recommends regular Health checks on your solar system to ensure you get the most out of it. 

Although some of these measures can be carried out in house, it is recommended that our trained professionals take a look for you on a regular basis, once a year is ideal.

What does a maintenance service consist of?
Clean Modules Improves output
Physical inspection of equipment Rodent/insect infestation other impact on equipment. Other damage
Check Array Structure Check for any movement or loose connections that will cause losses
Check array Cabling (Mechanical) All contacts are all tight and secure
Check array Cabling (Electrical) Wear and tear on contacts can reduce conductivity
Check Output Voltage This ensures that all the components are working well and producing to the optimum
Check Output Current This test provides feedback on the panels to ensure maximum output
Check PV Array DC Isolator Correct and safe operation
Report  For you to keep a log of work carried out