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Scrapping solar scheme helps sell-off: McArdle

Energy Minister Mark McArdle has admitted the removal of the solar bonus scheme from power bills will make energy assets easier to sell. The government plans to privatise the energy market if it wins the next election as part of its “Strong Choices” policy. Since announcing its asset sales plan, the government has slowly announced […]


Clean Energy Council – Renewable Energy Target not power price villain: Queensland Competition Authority

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) confirmed on Friday what the clean energy industry has been saying for years – that the Renewable Energy Target is not a major factor in rising power prices. Clean Energy Council Policy Director Russell Marsh said the latest price determination from the QCA showed that in 2014-2015 the cost of […]


Remote Queensland town to make transition from diesel to solar | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia

Updated 22 May 2014, 12:46 AEST Many remote communities around Australia are totally reliant on costly diesel fuel to provide the electricity that most take for granted. Completion of the solar plant in the mining town of Weipa will be the first time large scale solar generation will supply a remote industrial town. (Credit: ABC) […]


QCA delivers recommendation for solar feed-in tariff | The Australian

The Queensland Competition Authority has released its final report on a feed-in tariff for regional areas of the state for 2014-15, recommending a feed-in tariff of 9.07 cents per kWh     QCA delivers recommendation for solar feed-in tariff | The Australian.

The price of power – Background Briefing – ABC Radio National

With Australian electricity prices amongst the highest in the world, more and more households are going solar. The big power companies say the Renewable Energy Target is undermining their businesses and they want it wound back. The federal government agrees, so who is to blame for the high price of power? Jess Hill investigates. via […]

What are the real savings for LED light replacements

Fire risk as solar firm goes belly up | The Australian

A  QUEENSLAND company that sold allegedly faulty circuit breakers that caused at least 70 burnouts in rooftop solar panel arrays has gone bust, leaving tens of thousands of homeowners at risk of electrical fires. Advancetech, based on the Sunshine Coast, went into receivership on Friday, only four days after Queensland Attorney-­General Jarrod Bleijie ordered the […]


IKEA to tap solar for stores | Business Spectator

Furnishing giant IKEA yesterday will roll out a solar panel energy system across its East Coast stores, resulting in the largest commercial installation in Australia.Collectively, the installation, across seven IKEA buildings, will include over 16,000 panels, with an annual output of 5,495 million kilowatt hours of electricity. All five stores in Queensland, Victoria and NSW, […]

Queensland’s ultra-smooth quarter-million solar roofs | Business Spectator

The electricity network business serving southeast Queensland, Energex, expect s this week it will have connected a quarter of a million solar PV systems to its network. Energex is finding that even though the government has slashed the price solar owners are paid for their electricity, down from 44 cents per kilowatt-hour to just 8 […]

Gympie may have first postcode with 100% solar adoption | Northern Star

GYMPIE’S Wide Bay region is leading the nation in revolt against big electricity cartels and the governments that back them, according to advocacy group Solar Citizens. And residents of the Gympie postcode area are in with a chance to win the race to become the first community in Australia with a solar panel on every […]


Irish club goes green | The North West Star

SWITCHING to solar energy is set to turn the Mount Isa Irish Association into one of the greenest clubs in Australia. See your ad here In a bid to combat crippling electricity costs on businesses, the club will have its 200 kilowatt solar upgrade (stage 2) up and running later this month. Irish Club manager […]