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Solar farm to move forward on RET compromise | Business Spectator

Solar farm to move forward on RET compromise JOHN CONROY 21 MAY, 12:47 PM CLIMATE ENERGY MARKETS RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLAR ENERGY Solar Choice says its potential 2GW solar farm proposal for Queensland’s Bulli Creek will move ahead after last week’s Renewable Energy Target compromise was struck. Labor has agreed to a government plan to reduce […]


Coal and home solar the big winners out of deal on renewable energy

The Clean Energy Council says between 30 and 50 new wind and solar projects will be built by the end of the decade and¬†forecasts 6500 jobs will be created in large-scale wind and solar alone, with many of those in rural and regional parts of Australia. This is good news when considered against the situation […]


Could solar power be about to transform the electricity industry and drive prices down?

Could solar power be about to transform the electricity industry and drive prices down? Australian Broadcasting Corporation ¬†Broadcast: 21/05/2015 Reporter: Matt Peacock A revolution driven by solar panels and cheaper batteries is transforming Australia’s electricity industry and promising to drive power prices down. Transcript LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Imagine life without that dreaded quarterly power […]


Thanks to solar, Australia has the cheapest electricity in the developed world | Business Spectator

Back in 2012, energy market and regulatory analyst Bruce Mountain broke the bad news that thanks largely to network business gold plating not the carbon price, Australia was about to end up with the most expensive retail electricity prices in the developed world.But while this was happening a revolution was unfolding in the affordability of […]


Queensland targeting 50% renewable energy by 2030 | Gladstone Observer

MINISTER for Energy and Water Supply Mark Bailey said Queensland is open for business and keen to capitalise on the state’s world class solar resources. Mr Bailey told the Australian Solar Council in Melbourne this week the government had a vision to see projects of the future become a reality – like the Mount Emerald […]