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Fossil fuel divestment poses $5trn challenge, as clean energy debate stirs Down Under

Fossil fuel divestment poses $5trn challenge, as clean energy debate stirs Down Under Bloomberg New Energy Finance Week in Review Meanwhile, renewable energy is facing large political hurdles ‘Down Under’. A Bloomberg News story last week found that Australia is “frightening developers away” from renewable energy as the government is preparing to decide whether to […]

The light at the top of the smokestack – Features – ABC Environment (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The industrial town of Port Augusta is being watched by energy giants and environmentalists alike to see if it can lead the way to a clean-energy Australia. ON A LONG FLAT ROAD out of the South Australian town of Port Augusta along the coast, a couple of chimneys rise up in the distance. Out here, […]

Week in Review Vol VI: Issue 238: Tesla’s Musk opens technology doors to promote electric vehicles – – Gmail

TESLA’S MUSK OPENS TECHNOLOGY DOORS TO PROMOTE ELECTRIC VEHICLES Elon Musk – the co-founder of Tesla Motors – created quite a ruffle last week when he pledged that inventions on his electric cars and batteries would be free for anyone to use “in good faith”. Tesla has more than 160 US patents for things like […]

Household solar shift sees electricity demand drop and taxpayers stuck with ‘stranded assets’ – Business – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Australia’s household solar revolution has caught the energy sector by surprise, and may leave NSW and Queensland taxpayers footing the bill for billions of dollars worth of “stranded assets”. More than a million Australians have already installed solar panels on their roofs, causing demand for electricity from the grid to plummet. For decades demand for […] PV Industry Leaders See A ‘Second Gold Rush’ Coming In The Solar Sector

A “second gold rush” for the photovoltaic industry is coming, enabled by the “inevitable” adoption of distributed generation (DG) solar power on a widespread basis. This was the assessment of Eicke Weber, director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, who chaired a panel on current dynamics in the PV marketplace at the Intersolar North […]

Will there be a sunny future for solar? – ABC Queensland – Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Will there be a sunny future for solar? 20 August 2014 , 10:58 AM by Jacquie Mackay The Sustainable CQ Alliance yesterday shone a light on the many possibilities of sustainable energy alternatives to coal fired power. The aim was to not only demonstrate how far solar technology has come in the past few years, […]


Australia’s Solar Power Revolution Could Change The World

Solar power is coming to the fore as a major future source of global energy, experts say. In Australia, where there are 1.2 million homes with solar panels installed on roofs, the growth of solar power has been so profound that wholesale prices of electricity have been driven low enough that few coal generators in […]

University of Queensland to open solar research facility at Gatton campus

Queensland researchers hope to demonstrate the true power of the ‘Sunshine State’ when a solar research facility opens at Gatton next year. When launched in February, the University of Queensland’s 10-hectare, $14 million solar photovoltaic research facility will be the biggest in the southern hemisphere. UQ Solar director Paul Meredith said the 3.275 megawatt facility […]

Abbott’s plan to axe RET

The federal government is moving towards abolishing the Renewable Energy Target rather than scaling it back in a move that will cost almost $11 billion in proposed investment and which is at odds with the views of its own Environment Minister. The Australian Financial Review understands Prime Minister Tony Abbott has asked businessman Dick Warburton, whom he […]

Australian households and business added another 70MW of rooftop solar in July

Australian households and business added another 70MW of rooftop solar in July, with more than 16,000 households adding rooftop solar systems in the month. According to Green Energy Markets, the 16,601 rooftop solar systems took the total installs so far this year to more than 108,000, or a total of 450MW across the country. Queensland […]