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UQ, First Solar to build world-leading research centre – UQ News – The University of Queensland, Australia

The University of Queensland has signed a contract with First Solar (Australia) Pty Ltd for the construction of a solar photovoltaic research facility at Gatton. The 3.275 megawatt pilot plant – including more than 34,000 panels in a ground-mounted array – will be Queensland’s largest solar power installation. First Solar will install its advanced, thin-film cadmium telluride […]

Australia’s power generators ill-equipped to cope with carbon limits, says ex-Origin executive

Australia’s electricity generators are largely obsolete and likely future curbs on carbon emissions mean they will probably be replaced by solar and wind energy plants, a former senior executive at one of the nation’s biggest fossil fuel-based power companies said. Andrew Stock, who ran the bulk of Origin Energy’s generators for more than a decade […]

Power Producing Roof Revamps Australian

A clever new renewable energy solution combining COLORBOND® pre-painted steel sheet roofing with cutting-edge, thin-film solar panels is set to provide Australian homes with a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing rooftop energy system that captures the sun’s energy as both electricity and heat.ARENA CEO Ivor Frischknecht joined Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry, Bob Baldwin, to […]


Clean Energy Council – Renewable Energy Target not power price villain: Queensland Competition Authority

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) confirmed on Friday what the clean energy industry has been saying for years – that the Renewable Energy Target is not a major factor in rising power prices. Clean Energy Council Policy Director Russell Marsh said the latest price determination from the QCA showed that in 2014-2015 the cost of […]


Remote Queensland town to make transition from diesel to solar | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia

Updated 22 May 2014, 12:46 AEST Many remote communities around Australia are totally reliant on costly diesel fuel to provide the electricity that most take for granted. Completion of the solar plant in the mining town of Weipa will be the first time large scale solar generation will supply a remote industrial town. (Credit: ABC) […]


Queensland Farming Town Wants 400 MW Solar Farm | CleanTechnica

Members of a small Queensland farming town just 100km north of Brisbane are pushing the state government to fast-track approval for a massive 400MW solar PV farm. The proposal – which would be by far the biggest solar array in Australia, and the Southern Hemisphere, and one on the biggest in the world – is […]


Toyota Australia to switch on Victoria’s largest solar panel roof system | CarAdvice

Toyota Australia will turn on the new solar power system at its Altona manufacturing facility tomorrow to coincide with World Environment Day. The system, which Toyota claims will significantly reduce its carbon footprint, is the largest roof-mounted solar panel system in Victoria. The 500kW system comprises 2000 solar panels and covers approximately 10,000m2 of roof […]


Australian gov’t research body claims major breakthrough in solar energy | GlobalPost

Australian gov’t research body claims major breakthrough in solar energy CANBERRA, June 3 (Xinhua)– Australia’s peak scientific research body has claimed a major breakthrough in renewable energy that it claims has the potential to make solar cost-competitive with coal and gas as a source of power. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), a […]


Solar users shine a light on saving cost of power | The Courier-Mail

HOUSEHOLDS were encouraged to install solar panels, and were paid for the electricity generated, to save the generating authorities the considerable expense of installing additional generating capacity. Your story, “Power bill set to rise by $250” (C-M, May 31), informs us that 280,000 Queensland households responded to the call, thus saving the electricity suppliers a […]