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Solar power used in ‘Yolanda’ hit areas | ABS-CBN News

According to Lt. Gen. Ranier Ricardo Cruz III of Eastmincom, these solar powered lighting systems can help facilitate rehabilitation in the towns and cities devastated by “Yolanda.” via Solar power used in ‘Yolanda’ hit areas | ABS-CBN News.

Opinion: Solar systems paired with battery storage would provide power in events like Hurricane Sandy |

  At the very least, states, cities and local communities should work to outfit hospitals, schools, shelters, gas stations and emergency centers with backup generation that includes solar in the energy mix. Adding PV-plus-storage at venues that provide critical services will stretch hard-to-get resources such as gasoline and diesel in the wake of natural disasters. […]

Solar-panel sunglasses recharge your iPhone in the evening | Crave – CNET

This may have been suggested before, but if not it’s a great idea that’s been sitting on our noses all this time. Designer Sayalee Kaluskar has turned a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses into an iPhone charging device by adding solar panels to them.   Solar-panel sunglasses recharge your iPhone in the evening | Crave – […]

Typhoon Haiyan: Solar-powered radio helps survivors in Philippines – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A temporary radio station operating out of a suitcase is helping survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, providing both critical information and a dose of normalcy. . Survivors of the devastating typhoon are still struggling to find food and water and locate┬ámissing friends and family There is a large population in the Philippines with […]

Solar panel prices finally rebound | TribLIVE

Solar panel prices are increasing worldwide for the first time in a decade and should continue to rise in 2014, says a report by a solar energy research firm. via Solar panel prices finally rebound | TribLIVE.